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Ilove the work you are doing. I have just downloaded the routine presentation which is wonderful. I would like to create something similar using Powerpoint. How do you record what you are doing on Powerpoint?I have a wiki to display the info which is

Do you use Windows Movie Maker when you upload to Youetube?

Sean Terry

Hi Angelo - Thx for comments. I used Jing to record ppt but only paid version lets you download/upload file. It's quite cheap and i've found it was worth the small fee. Let us know how you get on and please have a look at other things on here if you get time.

angelo maclean

Hello Sean,

I would like to upload your Powerpoint with the key phrases. I believe it is called "Year 8 writing assessment". I would like to do something similar with regards to creative writing.

Could you email me the file please?

Finally, I find a software called "screenr" which is similar to jing but no need to download any software.

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